Are you ready to adopt?!

Things to think about before adopting!

    • Ready for a lifelong commitment?
    • Everyone in the household on board with adoption?
    • Current pets spayed/neutered?
    • Current pets up to date on all vaccines including bordetella?
    • Aware of the age, gender, size, and breeds suitable for your lifestyle?
    • Containment plan when not home?
    • Safe and adequate space/yard?
    • Exercise/socialization plan?
    • Housing and financial stability?
    • Flexible schedule for bonding and training?
    • Plan for medical emergencies?
    • Long-term plan for adding children or other pets?
    • Current vet?
    • How will you deal with negative behaviors?

Adoptable Cats and Dogs!

We have had the great pleasure to rescue all of the canines from unfortunate circumstances. Each of our dogs has been spayed/neutered, is up to date on all of their shots, and needs nothing more than a good, loving, forever home! If you would like to adopt any of these great canines, please fill out the adoption application at the bottom of this page!

Each of these loving animals has a personality of their own! In the adoption application, you will have the opportunity to specify what exactly you are looking for in a dog.

We take our vetting process very seriously. The last thing we want is to see these great animals back in a shelter! Please view the adoptable dogs, complete and send an application for approval, and then CCREW will contact you to schedule an appointment.

To apply, fill out the form below. After you have filled it out, download it and send it as an attachment from our contact page.

Adoption Application