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DeVille and Bear

Age: Older Kittens

Gender: Males

So ready for their forever homes with lucky families. They are buddies but ok to be adopted separately. They are fully vaccinated, and fees are reduced if adopted together. Great kitties!

Bear is the caretaker. He is the first one to cuddle up to any animal in the household. This even applies to my old curmudgeonly cats, who hiss and grumble. The entire time he is rubbing up against them. He likes to clean the people or animals he cares about. Incredibly smart. Always the first to figure out new toys or the dog door. Just a sweetheart.

DeVille is an absolute lover. He is a ragdoll, so gentle and floppy, carried around by a seven-year-old. He is always happy. He’ll start purring even if you’re reprimanding him. He starts purring the minute you touch him. He’s so grateful to have people love him.Absolutely amazing kitty.